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Stéphane Portha decided to work further in the two domains he was gifted: creating information networks, and developing video games. But he soon discovered that to work freely, he had to be his own master. That’s why he created his own firm, Eurocenter, in 1989. In 1990 he marketed some network playing games available on Minitel. He also became manager of many others compagnies, to have a high hand on the complet chain of production in the digital business. He funded the very well known Linux firm, he became manager of the NeoGeo company, assistant manager of the firm, and manager on the Inmob company. He participates to the closure of the american and french information networks working by satelites. That led to the advent of Internet in France. Then he worked for the Multicable firm, going from the satelite to the wire information network. In 1998, he created a smash hit multiplayer game called Graalonline. Working tirelessly to his two passions domain, he end up at the head of a digital producing consortium, called Eurocenter Group. That was his professionnal kingdom, in wich he was the only master, with a total freedom to experience new things.

Stephane Portha, a digital brain

Stephane Portha was born in 1966 in France. In 1972, he experienced the classical video game called Pong. Suddenly, his six years old boy’s digital brain appeared. Developing video games and helping people to have fun were his life purposes. He knew it instinctively. Then, to demonstrate his natural gift, he created his first video game in 1980 on the gaming machines of the time, Sharp PC-1211, and ZX81. The game he developped in 1980, at the age of 14, called Tank, became a small success. Mr Portha ‘s favorite games where the ones you can play with several other players. At that time In France, the only information network shared system was the Minitel. He began to participate to its developpment, by creating games available on Minitel. The venom of the information networks system began to enter his vains. It soon became his second passion. The Minitel machine was the way to close those two passions, developing multiplayers video games and information in all directions sharing systems.

Stephane Portha Skills

Below is a breakdown of my skills in both development skills and creative skills.

I’ve created an animated bar graph that showcases the level of expertise I have for each of them. 


Stephane Portha Work Experience


Stephane Portha, the 21 first century enchancer

Beeing a pioneer both in the video game and in the information networks allaws Stéphane Portha to be the 21 century enchancer. In 2007, Eurocenter, now called Eurocenter Games, developed the first games available on Appstore. They also offered a new version of Graalonline, called Graalonline Zone, the first MMO Freetoplay available on Smartphone iOS. Three new versions of Graalonline, available today on main platforms such as Ios or Android, followed. Graalonline classical +, is screening the players in a medieval universe. Graalonline Zone + is taking place in a spatial universe. Era + is about building his own criminal empire, in a urban and modern surrounding. Stéphane Portha remained faithful to the game world and the ease of handling that have always attracted, which allowed him to pass today over 8 million games sold on Appstore.


Stephane Portha took part in the creation of revolutionary tools at the beginning of the internet. This pioneer was amongst those who settled the first news network, based on UUCP in the eighties. He was also there at the beginning of Minitel. This expert did not miss the implementation of the first internet network on the cable, named Multicâble at the time.

Those experiences made this passionate person a successful programmer and entrepreneur with a specialization in online games. He has significant skills in game development, strategic partnerships, mobile games, network engineering, entrepreneurship… and those are only a sample of what he can perform as a professional. He speaks french, his mother tongue, and is fluent in english, a very useful ability in his line of work.

30 Years Experience

221 Completed Projects

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